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In 1996, during an already successful career at Tandy Corporation, Rick Hire started a small business named PC Tech in Houston Texas, located on the Westheimer strip. PC Tech started out as a local BBS, competing with the likes of HAL PC, IRC.NET, and Houston BBS. As the internet became increasingly popular, we decided to embrace a simple business philosophy: Stay current and our business will stay relevant. That is when PC Tech and its original "PIT ROAD BBS" morphed into a full fledged internet service provider.

Before the sale of PC Tech in late 2006, the company had already started to take new shape and branched into two divisions; Internet service, and IT support. Once the sale of PC Tech's Internet services was complete, Hire Technologies was born. Since that time, Hire Technologies has grown into a full-service IT Consulting and Website Design Firm. This last decade has really polished our character. Looking back now, the choice to focus on IT Service and Website Design was the best thing we ever did. Our real genius has now had an opportunity to grow, as we have matured.

We have also had the privilege to build an amazing team, each member complimenting our business model in their own special way. From our field technicians, to the facility staff, and all the way up the ladder to our fabulous VP of operations, there is no better group of professionals to work with. We believe that to be successful, we must do what we love to do, with people we love to do it with.

After deciding to go national with our IT Consulting division, we placed an American Flag behind our name on the website to show our deep respect and thanks for the opportunity that this great nation has given our team to succeed in an extremely competitive IT Service market.

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